FutureGRID: A Program for long-term research into GRID systems architecture

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Crowcroft, Jonathon  ORCID logo  https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7013-0121
Hand, SM 
Harris, TL 
Herbert, AJ 
Parker, Michael A 

This is a project to carry out research into long-term GRID architecture, in the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and the Cambridge eScience Center, with support from the Microsoft Research Laboratory, Cambridge. It is part of a larger vision for future systems architectures for public computing platforms, including both scientitic GRID and commodity level computing such as games, peer2peer computing and storage services and so forth, based on work in the laboratories in recent years into massively scaleable distributed systems for storage, computation, content distribution and collaboration[26].


Proceedings of the 2003 UK e-Science All Hands Meeting, 31st August - 3rd September, Nottingham UK

grid, systems architectures, public computing platforms, peer2peer computing, scaleable distributed systems, computation, storage
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