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Dataset for: Targeted multispectral filter array design for endoscopic cancer detection in the gastrointestinal tract

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Taylor-Williams, Michaela 
Tao, Ran 
Sawyer, Travis 
Waterhouse, Dale 
Yoon, Jonghee 


Description of methods used for collection/generation of data:

Datasets were previously published and were collected as described in and

The folder “Datasets” contains curated spectral datasets used based on previous clinical trials for Oesophageal and Colon tissues these are read by the respective Python notebooks

The folder “Optimization” includes the Python notebooks used to generate the optimal filter arrays

Resulting variables saved to file: [classification method]_[tissue type]¬_varibles.npz ( eg. “kNN_Ose_variables.npz”)

The saved variables include: for each number of bands N ‘bands_[N]' centre wavelengths of the selected bands (nM) 'bws_[N]' FWHM of bandwidths of the selected bands (nM) ' pattern_[N]' optimal arrangement of selected bands ' accu_[N]' spectral classification accuracy for optimal bands 'spatial_acc_[N]' spatial classification accuracy for optimal bands 'labels_pred_[N]' classification labels

These variables were condensed in “Band Optimization Summary 23 July 23.xlsx” for easier interpretation

“Band Optimization Summary 23 July 23.xlsx” is a summary of the optimized filters

“Summary.ipynb” plots the figures used in the paper and SI

All information is summarised in the readme.doc file.


Software / Usage instructions

Methods for processing the data: The datasets in the folder “Datasets” were created to make .pickle files, including the information on the patients, diagnosis, wavelength, and spectra in line with previous publications. These were then analysed and optimised as described in the Methods and SI of the publication using the code in “Optimization” to output the optimal bands, layout, and accuracies. People involved with sample collection, processing, analysis and/or submission: The authors listed on “Targeted Multispectral Filter Array Design for Endoscopic Cancer Detection in the Gastrointestinal Tract”


endoscopy, multispectral filter arrays, multispectral imaging, OptiMSFA


Cancer Research UK (C14303/A17197)
Cancer Research UK (C14303/A17197)
Cancer Research UK (C47594/A26851)
Cancer Research UK (21102)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/R003599/1)