Crystallographic diffraction data for the structure of herpes simplex virus 1 pUL7:pUL51 complex

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Crystallographic diffraction data used to solve the structure of HSV-1 pUL7:pUL51 complex and for the high resolution refinement of this structure, as deposited with the PDB ID 6T5A. For more information, see the README.txt file

Software / Usage instructions
Raw diffraction data (.cbf) and associated log files (.log) are stored in xz compressed tar archives. Files can be extracted using command "unxz <file>.tar.xz && tar -xf <file>.tar". Diffraction data within compressed tar archives can be opened using standard viewers including ADXV ( and can be processed using DIALS ( or XDS ( Reflection (.mtz) files are uncompressed and can be opened using standard crystallographic programs including viewHKL from the CCP4 suite (
x-ray crystallography
Wellcome Trust (098406/Z/12/B)
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