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Research data supporting "Selecting the Correct Cellular Model for Assessing of the Biological Response of Collagen-based Biomaterials"

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Davidenko, N 
Hamaia, S 
Malcor, J-D 
Schuster, CF 


The zipped folder called “Raw data for Acta Biomaterilaia article” contains 8 files as described below: Article title: “Selecting the correct cellular model for assessing of the biological response of collagen-based biomaterilas”, accepted in Acta Biomaterilalia. Authors: Natalia Davidenko, Samir Hamaia, Daniel V. Bax, Jean-Daniel Malcor, Carlos F. Schuster, Donald Gullberg, Richard W. Farndale, , Serena M. Best, Ruth E. Cameron. File cold “Fig 2” contains raw data of the adhesion values and profiles on collagen and peptide coatings for C2C12 cell lines transfected with all collagen-binding integrins (showed in Fig 2). Files “Fig 3” contain raw data of magnesium-dependent, non-specific adhesion profiles of different C2C12-α1+, C2C12-α2+, Rugli and Ht1080 cells on coatings (showed in Fig.3). File “Fig 4” contains results of adhesion dependence on initial cell concentration for collagen I, collected in Fig 4. File “Fig 5” contains results of cell spreading on collagen surfaces showed in Fig.5. File “Fig 6”contains results cell adhesion on films with different composition and crosslinked status (showed in Fig.6). File “Fig 7” contains results of the e of adhesion profiles of HT1080 and Rugli cells differently crosslinked collagen films (collected in Fig. 7). File “Fig 8” contains results of the attachment of α1 I domine on different collagens and selected synthetic and Toolkit peptides (showed in Fig8). File “Supplementary data” shows data of collagen detection on coated surfaces (results collected in Supplementary materilas”.


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tissue engineering, collagen, cell adhesion, integrins, crosslinking


Wellcome Trust (094470/Z/10/Z)
British Heart Foundation (None)
European Research Council (320598)
EPSRC (via University of Leeds) (unknown)
British Heart Foundation (SP/15/7/31561)