Rimma Badmaeva, about Kalmyk cuisine

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Terbish, Baasanjav 

Rimma talks about Kalmyk cuisine: The Kalmyks love lamb most of all. Lamb can be used to make various dishes, including dumplings, tyunteg, soup, and khuursn makhn (fried lamb with pasta). Intestines are used to make sausages. The next most popular meat is beef. The number of dishes made from beef is less than those from lamb. Camel meat is also very delicious. Compared to other livestock, camels can be without water for a long time, which makes their meat juicy and saturated with herb flavors. The most delicious part is its foot. There is a belief that eating a camel’s foot brings prosperity. Couples should eat camel’s meat together, otherwise they may divorce. The Kalmyks also make various dishes from fish. They cook it by frying it, making dumplings and meatballs with it. The head of a red fish is good for making broth, which is good for health. Dairy products are made mainly from cow’s milk. These include yoghurt, butter, and chigyan. Black goat’s milk is considered to be good for sick children.

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