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A Practical Approach Towards Highly Reproducible And High-Quality Perovskite Films Based on An Aging Treatment.

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Zou, Yuqin 
Bai, Xinyu 
Kahmann, Simon 
Dai, Linjie 
Yuan, Shuai 


Solution processing of hybrid perovskite semiconductors is a highly promising approach for the fabrication of cost-effective electronic and optoelectronic devices. However, challenges with this approach lie in overcoming the controllability of the perovskite film morphology and the reproducibility of device efficiencies. Here, a facile and practical aging treatment (AT) strategy is reported to modulate the perovskite crystal growth to produce sufficiently high-quality perovskite thin films with improved homogeneity and full-coverage morphology. The resulting AT-films exhibit fewer defects, faster charge carrier transfer/extraction, and suppressed non-radiative recombination compared with reference. The AT-devices achieve a noticeable improvement in the reproducibility, operational stability, and photovoltaic performance of devices, with the average efficiency increased by 16%. It also demonstrates the feasibility and scalability of AT strategy in optimizing the film morphology and device performance for other perovskite components including MAPbI3 , (MAPbBr3 )15 (FAPbI3 )85 , and Cs0.05 (MAPbBr3 )0.17 (FAPbI3 )0.83 . This method opens an effective avenue to improve the quality of perovskite films and photovoltaic devices in a scalable and reproducible manner. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.



aging treatment, charge carrier kinetics, film morphology, perovskite films, perovskite solar cells

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Adv Mater

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Royal Society (UF150033)
European Research Council (756962)
European Commission Horizon 2020 (H2020) ERC (957513)