Evgeniy Dzhokhaev, A Story About Horses

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Evgeniy relays a story about an old mare that dominated her herd. Having spent six years in Yashaltinskiy rayon, Evgeniy moved back to his native Iki-Burul’skiy rayon. Although horses are usually led by stallions, in Evgeniy’s herd it was an old mare that dominated others. One morning Evgeniy did not find his horses and set out telephoning the neighboring farms. Later it turned out that his horses did not go anywhere but were hiding from him, running from one place to another whenever he passed by. Evgeniy finally found his horses around 15 kilometers away. Led by the mare, the horses were headed back to Yashaltinskiy rayon. He brought the herd back home and tied the old mare to a pole. The horses stayed around her and did not run away. Evgeniy also had a stallion that had six mares in his herd. The stallion developed a habit of rounding up mares from other herds. One day the stallion brought 15 new mares home.

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