[Anti-CHOGM street play outside the Media Centre, Goa]

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206 x 152 mm. A leaflet distributed at the time is kept with the collection, and indicates the purpose of the undertaking: 'The street play group performing before you, is the Sangharsh Natya Manch (SNM) Goa; which is consisting of student activists from various colleges in Goa. ... Around 75 performances have been staged by SNM in towns, villages, market squares and street corners, as part of the campaign against the CHOG-M and the Retreat in Goa, depicting the massive expenses of some Rs.430 millions on the latter which is unjustified and a luxury the poor people of our country can ill afford. As you will see, the play depicts the farce of Indian Independence of 1947 which only brought 'political' independence, whilst economic dependance and stranglehold continued through forums like the IMF, Commonwealth, IDA etc. ... The play which traces the history of the Commonwealth (then British Commonwealth) since 1931, and questions the continuance of this forum which is only a legacy of the former British empire. ... A decked-up cheerful Goa is before your eyes today. The real Goa, the real India is a hungry India'.

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