Suppressed-gap millimetre wave kinetic inductance detectors using DC-bias current

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Withington, S 
Goldie, D J 
Thomas, C N 

Abstract: In this study, we evaluate the suitability of using DC-biased aluminium resonators as low-frequency kinetic inductance detectors capable of operating in the frequency range of 50–120 GHz. Our analysis routine for supercurrent-biased resonators is based on the Usadel equations and gives outputs including density of states, complex conductivities, transmission line properties, and quasiparticle lifetimes. Results from our analysis confirm previous experimental observations on resonant frequency tuneability and retention of high quality factor. Crucially, our analysis suggests that DC-biased resonators demonstrate significantly suppressed superconducting density of states gap. Consequently these resonators have lower frequency detection threshold and are suitable materials for low-frequency kinetic inductance detectors.


Funder: CSC Cambridge Scholarship

Paper, Condensed matter, DC-bias, superconducting resonators, kinetic inductance detectors
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Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
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