CWSpace: Archiving MIT OpenCourseWare in DSpace

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Reilly, William 

Charged with archiving all of MIT's OpenCourseWare content, the CWSpace project has been exploring new kinds of development on the Dspace platform in two key directions: packaging metadata and protocols. This talk reports on progress towards the support of new, standards-based ingest (and dissemination) functionality (e.g., IMS Content Packaging), as well as in the area of new "lightweight network interfaces" capabilities (e.g., Web Services protocols). Each of these development efforts is designed to support the needs of a new kind of content type that is coming from a non-traditional domain for institutional repository tools, namely, "courseware," or teaching and learning materials. A profile to the IMS Content Package for MIT's OpenCourseWare content has been developed, with hopes of wider applicability to learning management systems. Extending that profile to other packaging standards (e.g. METS) is discussed, especially in light of a general METS for DSpace SIP (Submission Information Package). Current investigation into technology options for Web Services (e.g. SOAP/WSDL; RESTful, WebDAV) are discussed, particularly in light of needs for packaging (aggregating) DSpace objects (Items, Bitstreams) to support the requirements that teaching and learning materials have for a relatively high degree of flexibility in their management and dissemination.

DSpace development, archiving, repository, OpenCourseWare
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