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A model for nonlinear hysteretic and ratcheting behaviour

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Houlsby, GT 
Abadie, CN 
Beuckelaers, WJAP 
Byrne, BW 


We present a theoretical model to describe the response of a one dimensional mechanical system under cyclic loading. Specifically, the model addresses the non-linear response on loading, hysteretic behaviour on unloading and reloading, and the phenomenon of ratcheting under very many cycles. The methods developed are formulated within the hyperplasticity framework. The model can be expressed in the form of general incremental relationships, can therefore be applied without modification directly to any loading history, and can be readily implemented within a time-stepping numerical code. A rigorous procedure is described to accelerate the ratcheting process, so that the effects of very large numbers of cycles can be analysed through a reduced number of cycles. A generalisation from unidirectional to multidirectional loading is described, together with a tensorial form for application to material modelling. The original motivation was for the application to design of piles under lateral loading, and an example of this application is provided. However, the model is equally applicable to many other problems involving unidirectional or bi-directional cyclic loading in which the system exhibits a similar character of hysteretic behaviour, with ratcheting under large numbers of cycles.



Cycling, Hysteresis, Plasticity, Ratcheting

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International Journal of Solids and Structures

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