Vision for Reviving the Dashdawa Mongol Culture

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Bulag, Uradyn E. 
Burunsain, Borjigin 

In this video, Wang Yanhong talks about his effort to revive the Dashdawa Mongolian culture at present and his plan for the future. In 2010, at Wang Yanhong’s initiative, China Central Television made a documentary of the Dashdawa Mongols in the middle of the demolition of the Mongol Camp. In the following years, he has been actively collecting materials about the Ööld Mongols in Xinjiang. In 2014, he attended an Oirat Mongolian academic conference held in Zhaosu county, which is known as Mongol Küre (Mongol Camp), in the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture. During this trip, he visited local Ööld Mongols, meeting famous Jangar epic singers, and attending the Ööld Mongol oboo worshipping ceremony. In order to salvage the disappearing Dashdawa Mongol identity in Chengde, he established ‘the Dashdawa Mongol Studies Centre’ at the Hebei Normal College for Nationalities in Chengde where he works. Supported by the city government, Wang Yanhong made an Ööld oboo on the site of the demolished Mongol Camp. Oboos among the Ööld Mongols in Xinjiang, he explains, symbolise their pride as the protector of the Qing dynasty’s far western borderland, and the newly built oboo in Chengde is to mark that the Dashdawa Mongols came from Xinjiang and are related to the Ööld Mongols there.

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