Evaluation of a New Glycomacropeptide-Based Protein Substitute in Powdered and Liquid Format in Patients with PKU.

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Delsoglio, Marta 
Capener, Rebecca 
MacDonald, Anita 
Ashmore, Catherine 

(1) Background: Good adherence to a Phe-restricted diet supplemented with an adequate amount of a protein substitute (PS) is important for good clinical outcomes in PKU. Glycomacropeptide (cGMP)-PSs are innovative, palatable alternatives to amino acid-based PSs (AA-PS). This study aimed to evaluate a new cGMP-PS in liquid and powder formats in PKU. (2) Methods: Children and adults with PKU recruited from eight centres were prescribed at least one serving/day of cGMP-PS for 7-28 days. Adherence, acceptability, and gastrointestinal tolerance were recorded at baseline and the end of the intervention. The blood Phe levels reported as part of routine care during the intervention were recorded. (3) Results: In total, 23 patients (powder group, n = 13; liquid group, n = 10) completed the study. The majority assessed the products to be palatable (77% of powder group; 100% of liquid group) and well tolerated; the adherence to the product prescription was good. A total of 14 patients provided blood Phe results during the intervention, which were within the target therapeutic range for most patients (n = 11) at baseline and during the intervention. (4) Conclusions: These new cGMP-PSs were well accepted and tolerated, and their use did not adversely affect blood Phe control.


Peer reviewed: True

Funder: Nutricia Ltd.

PKU, glycomacropeptide, phenylketonuria, protein substitute, Adult, Child, Humans, Powders, Caseins, Peptide Fragments, Dietary Supplements, Cyclic GMP
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