Research data supporting "Size and shape of plates and size of wine glasses and bottles: impact on selection of food and alcohol"

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Pechey, Emily 
Pechey, Rachel 
De-loyde, Katie 

This deposit includes two studies. These two studies included 140 participants (using the same participants for each study), running consecutively, and aimed to estimate the impact of: study 1.Plate size and shape on amount of food self-served; study 2.Wine glass and bottle size on amount of wine self-poured. Both studies used a randomised within-subjects factorial design: Study 1. 3 plate sizes (small; medium; large) x 2 plate shapes (circular; square). Study 2. 3 wine glass sizes (small; medium; large) x 2 wine bottle sizes (75cl; 50cl).

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The deposit includes the following files: Tableware_Protocol_v2.1_20191207 Tableware_PIS_v1.0_20191207 Tableware_ConsentForm_v1.0_20191207 Tableware_Debrief_v1.0_20191207 Tableware_RawData_v1.0_20200820 Tableware_DataDictionary_v1.0_20200820 Tableware_SAP_v1.0_20200715 Tableware_DataRecode_v1.0_2020716 Tableware_DataAnalysis_v1.0_20200901 The data dictionary defines the contents of both studies comprehensively and can be opened in Microsoft Excel. Databases can also be opened in Microsoft Excel. Code / syntax files (Tableware_DataRecode_v1.0_2020716 and Tableware_DataAnalysis_v1.0_20200901) were created in SPSS version 27. These files can be opened as text files, but are only usable in SPSS. Currently (April 2021) SPSS software can be downloaded for free by staff and students at the University of Cambridge here (you must be signed in): For anyone outside of the University of Cambridge SPSS software can be downloaded here: A preregistered protocol and statistical analysis plan can be found here:
size intervention, plates, wine glasses, wine bottles, alcohol, food
Wellcome Trust (206853/Z/17/Z)