First UK Commercial Deployment of Microcapsule-Based Self-Healing Reinforced Concrete

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Consolidating previous research on the development of novel microcapsules for self-healing in cementitious systems, this work forms a base for developing an implementation strategy and guidance for microcapsule-based self-healing technology. The study presents details of the first commercial deployment of this technology, as a ready-mix self-healing additive for commercial application. This involved the on-site construction of two slabs in a new development at the University of Cambridge. This paper describes the optimization of the mix, the structural concept and design, and processing and casting procedures. Prior to application, the compliance and compatibility of the healing additive with the concrete according to specifications and requirements of the design were investigated, validating the use of the developed system. These were complemented by large-scale laboratory testing of the healing efficiency under damage scenarios identified as critical for the on-site application. The performance of the site installation was monitored over 12 months through a combination of nondestructive testing methods. Results are presented with durability indicators confirming the in situ enhanced performance of the proposed self-healing

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Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering
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