06. Interview with Chandran of Abhannur

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Alex, Rayson K. 

An interview with a Mudugan called Chandran of Abhannur hamlet. The collection is a result of the WOLP funding that Dr Rayson K Alex received in 2011. The project was to collect the oral literature of an indigenous community called Mudugar. Mudugar live in the mountainous land of Attapady, Palakkad District, Kerala State, South India. The photographs, video-documentaries, audio files and translated interviews are materials collected over a period of two years. Mudugar people and non-indigenous people were involved in the collection of these documents. The documents in different formats contain aspects of the natural, cultural and supernatural aspects of Mudugar. The daily routine of children, women, men, children's games, occupation of Mudugar, songs and music traditions of Mudugar, stories and myths, rituals and festivals are all contained in the files.


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