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Sanal Lidzhiev, About Traditional Medicine

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Sanal talks about traditional healing methods involving a ‘snake’s horn’, wolf’s meat, and a gallbladder. Sanal: There are people who believe in signs and behave cautiously. I, for example, am not afraid of snakes. I touch them, hold them in my hands. In my native place people cure with snake horns. There are snakes with horns. I heard this from our elders. If you see a snake with horns, put a white cloth in front of it, read prayers and bow 3 times. Then it will shed its horn. That is what I heard from the elders. Darina: What did people do with these snake horns? Sanal: Healers used horns to heal sick people. They massaged their patients and scratched them with a horn. Darina: Do you know a healer who does this? Sanal: I know one person who cures sick children. When I was a child, there was also one elderly man. Darina: Do people use wolf’s meat? Sanal: In the past people ate wolf’s meat less. Today they do. The meat is very expensive. It is good for a cough. People also use the wolf’s gallbladder. Darina: How? Sanal: A dried gallbladder is cut into tiny pieces and then it is diluted with water. You drink it. You can also put it on your tongue and then wash it down with water. Darina: When do you drink it, before or after a meal? Sanal: When your stomach is empty, before a meal.



Healing, snake’s horn, wolf’s meat, gallbladder

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