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Book reviews, Buddhist Wall-Paintings of Ladakh by C. Genoud and Takao Inoue, A Buddhist Paradise: The Murals of Alchi Western Himalayas by P. Pal and Lionel Fournier, Art of Tibet. A Catalogue of the Los Angles County Museum of Art Collection by P. Pal, Tibet: A Philatelic Numismati Bibliography by W. Hellrigl and K. Gabrisch, The Timely Pearl, A 12th-Century Tangut Chinese Glossary, Volume 1., The Chinese Glosses by L. Kwanten, The Yoga of Tibet. The Great Exposition of Secret Mantra – 2 and 3 by Tsong-ka-pa by J. Hopkins, A Lamp for the Path and Commentary of Atisa by R. Sherburne, Contributions on Tibetan Language, History and Culture. Proceeding of the Csoma de Koros Symposium Held at Velm-Vienna, 13-19 September 1981 by E. Steinkellner and H. Tauscher, eds
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