Santa Cruz River, evening

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A river valley landscape with vegetation and colouring instructions; with a view of the Andes in the distance, and a note of the time of day.


"P 350. Vol 2--" [top centre]; "RF" FitzRoy [top right corner]

The sky is annotated: "Evening", below which in the left centre of 14r there is some indication of cumulo-cirrus clouds. On 13v, the picture occupies only the centre and right, the left side of the folio being blank. In the background centre, the horizon is a line of flat topped hills, whose upper slopes are very steep; behind the rightmost hills some cumulus clouds are visible. The annotation in the centre right reads: "purple with color on the hights", below which runs a lower flat topped rocky ridge with steep sides, annotated "greenish", below which in the centre midground another flat topped ridge is annotated: "brownish green with a bright line at top". This ridge slopes down steeply in the centre right of the midground to an expanse of rough level ground at the river's edge, constituting a large promontory, or perhaps even an islet, with many patches of low vegetation indicated, annotated in the centre at the water's edge: "very bright yellow with dark bushes". To the left of this and again at the right-hand edge of the folio is the annotation: "water". In the foreground the near riverbank is rocky with a small gnarled dead-looking tree and a tuft of grass. The river is washed pale blue, and the main expanses of water appear calm, stretching through foreground--midground on 13v, and continuing across most of 14r, bending back and forth into the distant midground on both folios. On 14r, in the foreground the nearside riverbank stretches diagonally to the right-hand edge of the picture, with a tuft of grass on the left, a cluster of bushes and grass in the centre, and a bush further right at the water's edge. The foreground is annotated: "sandy bank -- with bushes of a light brown green, and grey dead ones.-- tufts of grass -- but much sand showing". In the water at the centre, just to the left of the cluster of bushes, slight pencilling indicates an area marked "rapids" near the left-hand side of the main bend in river, where the expanse of rough level ground depicted in 13v projects into 14r, and is annotated: "beach". Similar beachy expanses occur on other bends in the river as it recedes towards the background. A pair of low ridges in 14r mirror the low ridge shown in 13v, though there is some indication of vegetation on top of these two. The nearer of them stretches from the right-hand edge of the folio to the centre, the more distant from the right-hand edge well into the left. On 14r behind these ridges, the "greenish" rocky ridge of 13v continues, slightly receding and becoming more rocky across whole of the distant midground. Similarly the more distant ranges of hills continue from 13v across 14r, but fall away at the right-hand edge of the picture, providing a line of sight to distant jagged hills annotated: "Snowy peaks". Cumulus clouds are shown above the horizon in the left and centre of 14r, at the right-hand edge of which the annotation reads: "blue not snowy", and to the right of that: "small distant parts show very blue". The line of sight looks SW, with the Andes in distance to the W, with the sun coming in from low in the NW, ie onto the right-facing surfaces, but there is little indication of shadow, except perhaps on the flat ground and the slope in the lee of the second ridge on the right of the picture; the river is flowing towards the viewer.

Drawing (river coloured blue), double page panorama; similar to watercolour engraved by Bull S as `Santa Cruz River and distant view of the Andes' reproduced facing Narrative 2: 351

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