Wood Island, Port Desire 7 miles

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A rocky shoreline with some vegetation, seabirds and a human figure.


circled "R" top right

Watercolour. There is some indication of cirrus cloud in the midheight of the sky, coloured blue, and a bank of cumulus in faint purplish-grey towards the horizon in the centre; the sun is shining from behind and to the right of Martens' vantage point. In the foreground, a few dark brown brushstrokes in the left to centre of the picture indicate earthy soil above the high-water line, distinct from the sandy colour of the beach in the centre and right. This darkens towards the right, behind which the water occupies the midground from right to centre left. The water is coloured blue, with white cloud-reflecting areas and some indication of slight ripples. In the left midground, the land rises gently away from the beach to the left-hand edge of the picture, and is mainly brown, with a small yellowish-green area backed by a line of small darker brown shrubs, which increase gradually in height to shrub or small tree some 2.5m high near the left-hand edge of the picture. To the right of the vegetation, a human figure stands holding what may be a collecting net. He faces left, and is wearing a dark hat and full length coat. Above his head against the sky there is a flock of about 10 birds in flight, with another solitary bird further to the right. On the left between the human figure and the birds, rocky outcrops emerge, coloured pale brown, but darkening and becoming more purple towards the centre, the darker colours representing the shadow of a much larger but otherwise similar outcrop to the right. These formations cast a slight shadow or reflection into the water. At the foot of the right-hand rock formation, the far shore is indicated by a thin brown line, suggesting a soil and vegetation type similar to that of the near foreshore. In the centre background between the left-hand and right-hand rock formations, a more distant pale purple hilly horizon-line is visible below the banks of cumulus.

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