Dynamic Phase and Polarization Modulation Using Two-Beam Parallel Coding for Optical Storage in Transparent Materials

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Hong, Jintao 
Li, Jin 

In this paper, we propose and experimentally demonstrate a parallel coding and two-beam combining approach for the simultaneous implementation of dynamically generating holographic patterns at their arbitrary linear polarization states. Two orthogonal input beams are parallelly and independently encoded with the same target image information but there is different amplitude information by using two-phase computer-generated holograms (CGH) on two Liquid-Crystal-on- Silicon-Spatial-Light Modulators (LCOS SLMs). Two modulated beams are then considered as two polarization components and are spatially superposed to form the target polarization state. The final linear vector beam is created by the spatial superposition of the two base beams, capable of controlling the vector angle through the phase depth of the phase-only CGHs. Meanwhile, the combined holographic patterns can be freely encoded by the holograms of two vector components. Thus, this allows us to tailor the optical fields endowed with arbitrary holographic patterns and the linear polarization states at the same time. This method provides a more promising approach for laser data writing generation systems in the next-generation optical data storage technology in transparent materials.

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BlueSky project (RG76592) from the the Cambridge University Engineering Department