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Investigating the thixotropic behaviour of Tremie Concrete using the Slump-flow test and the Material Point Method

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Wilkes, Christopher  ORCID logo
Kumar, Krishna 
Biscontin, Giovanna 


This paper presents a new thixotropic model integrating the PapanastasiouBingham model with thixotropy equations to simulate the flow behaviour of Tremie Concrete in the Material Point Method framework. This study investigates the effect of thixotropy on the rheological behaviour of fresh concrete by comparing field measurements with numerical simulations. The comparison yields new insights into a critical and often overlooked behaviour of concrete. A parametric study is performed to understand the effect of model parameters and rest-time on the shear stress response of fresh concrete



4005 Civil Engineering, 40 Engineering, 33 Built Environment and Design, 3302 Building

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Cement and Concrete Composites

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Elsevier BV
This work was funded through an EPSRC ICASE award (Ref: 1769998) in partnership with industry partner ARUP. The authors thank the CB-GEO computational geomechanics research group for assistance in preparing the simulations, and Chris Barker and Duncan Nicholson of ARUP for concrete advice. The authors would also like to acknowledge the EFFC and DFI research groups for providing data sets with which to work.