University of Cambridge Sports Pitches, Wilberforce Road. An Archaeological Evaluation

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Tabor, Jonathon 

A trial trench based archaeological evaluation was undertaken by Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU) at the University of Cambridge sports pitches and athletics track, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge (TL 4320 5851) between 11th and 18th October 2017. The trial trenching programme consisted of two trenches (totalling 220m in length). Archaeological remains comprised a series of Roman ditches, two medieval plough furrows and a number of post-medieval-modern boundary ditches. The ditches all appear to represent land division/boundaries (although two parallel Roman ditches potentially represent a trackway or roadway) and no settlement features per se were encountered. Having said that, a number of the ditches yielded small assemblages of Roman pottery and oyster shell - with one also producing a 4th century AD coin - that appear likely to be settlement-derived. As such, the remains are interpreted as 'edge of settlement', with the ditches potentially marking the southern/eastern limit of a nearby settlement site, which could extend into the west of the proposed development area

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