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Transport measurements in single-grain GdBCO+Ag bulk superconductors processed by infiltration growth

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Namburi, DK 
Erbe, M 
Hänisch, J 
Cardwell, DA 


jats:titleAbstract</jats:title>jats:pTransport measurements performed on a cross-sectional slice prepared from a bulk GdBajats:sub2</jats:sub>Cujats:sub3</jats:sub>Ojats:sub7-jats:italicx</jats:italic></jats:sub>-Ag single-grain superconductor of 25 mm in diameter are described and the results presented. The sample, which was fabricated via the buffer-assisted top-seeded infiltration growth process, was capable of trapping a maximum magnetic field of ~ 1 T at 77 K. Transport measurements on superconducting, bulk single-grain RE-Ba-Cu-O [(RE)BCO] samples are generally very challenging due to their large critical current densities and poor mechanical properties. We present a straightforward and reliable approach to prepare reproducibly specimens from the parent single grain and results of transport property measurements on these samples in a commercial Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS). Critical current densities determined via magnetic and transport measurements are compared and discussed.</jats:p>


Funder: University of Geneva


Article, GdBCO, Bulk superconductor, Infiltration and growth technique, Transport measurements, Microstructure, Magnetic properties

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Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing

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