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Apunohu valley

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An island landscape, with vegetation and a human figure.


Drawing. "Interior of the Island of Moorea with part of Cook's Harbour and Apunohu valley"

The sky is mainly blank, with some indication of cumulus cloud in the left centre and centre above the horizon. The most distant part of the horizon is the outline of rocky hills running from the left centre to the centre, shown with little indication of structure. Beneath these, small glimpses of a wooded far foreshore are visible behind a patch of water. The horizon rises from the centre to the right of the picture, coming closer to the viewer; the outlines remain similar, but there is more detail in the depiction of abrupt vertical brows below the ridge. In the right midground, lower rocky land rises slightly towards the right-hand edge of the picture, with indications of much shrubby vegetation covering its lower slopes. A group of three tall palms protrudes in the centre right, in front of which roughly even and sparsely vegetated ground rises steadily across the whole picture from low in the right up to horizon-height on the left. Two palms are growing close together at the left-hand edge of the patch of water, three others in a much more faintly sketched group higher up, below a rockier upper slope. The foreground--midground slopes in front of this are covered with low vegetation, from which a group of three palms protrude below the patch of water. In the left foreground, a shrub is growing on rough ground which stretches diagonally rightwards to the base centre right of the picture, from where a palm tree rises among low shrubby indistinctly sketched undergrowth, the annotation to the right of which reads: "ferns". A human figure, who is possibly carrying something balanced on a pole across the shoulders, stands in the centre left of the picture, at the back of the foreground, below and facing the patch of water.


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