Mingiyan Lidzhiev, about a folk healer and a ritual to remove fear

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Terbish, Baasanjav 

Mingiyan relays a story about an old woman who was a healer and explains how to perform a ritual to remove fear from frightened children: On a collective farm called Commune in the Volgograd region there lived an old woman who cured people from all sorts of disease, including alcoholism. To cure alcoholism she asked her patients to bring a bottle of water with them into which she read mantas and spat. By drinking from that bottle every day, the alcoholics could cure themselves from alcohol dependency. Not only was she a healer, she also could protect livestock. For this she also read mantras and walked around. Where she lived, livestock did not die. When children are afraid of something, a ritual involving molten lead is used to cure the fear. First, a piece of lead is melted on a fire and poured into a bowl with water. Sometimes the lead freezes in the water forming small grains, sometimes it takes the shape of cats, dogs or other things that caused the fear.

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