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Comparative Analysis of Cement and Lateralite on the Engineering Properties of Niger Delta Soils for Pavement Construction

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Alayaki, F 
Al-Tabbaa, A 
Meshida, E 
Ayotamuno, M 


This study investigated the effect of cement and lateralite in improving some engineering properties of Niger Delta soils, classified as clayey soil, silty/clayey sand, and fine sand. Cement had very good effect in reducing the plasticity of the clayey soil and the silty/clayey sand but increased the plasticity of the fine sand, and all the samples had increased soaked CBR and UCS at 28 days especially with 6% and 8% cement contents. 14% lateralite content had the best effect on the silty/clayey sand in reducing the plasticity and increasing both the CBR and UCS. However, no positive effect on the plasticity indices was noticed for the clayey soil and the fine sand, but appreciable increases in their unsoaked and soaked CBR and UCS at 28 days curing. The applications of cement (6% and 8%) and 14% lateralite would make the stabilized soils applicable as sub-base and base materials.


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Cement, lateralite, engineering properties, CBR, UCS

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British Journal of Applied Science & Technology

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Sciencedomain International
The sponsorship of the PhD program of the first author by Schlumberger Faculty for the Future Foundation at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom and the funding by Cambridge- Africa Alborada Scheme of this study which formed part of the PhD research are acknowledged.