Bradwell's Court Cambridge. An Archaeological Desktop Study

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Dickens, Alison 

This desktop study has been commissioned by the Mills Whipp Partnership on behalf of Land Securities Properties Ltd. This follows a proposal for redevelopment of Bradwell's Court in Cambridge (roughly centred at TL45164 58441). The site is bounded to the north by the blocked Christ's Lane, to the west by St. Andrew's Street, to the south by Emmanuel Street and to the east by Drummer Lane Bus Station. The site extends over a little under 0.3 hectares in area. The archaeological record, though scant for some periods, suggests that this part of Cambridge has the potential to provide evidence of the town's development from the Roman period onwards. Bradwell's Court occupies an interesting position in relation to medieval Cambridge. Clearly it was outside the King's ditch yet, equally clearly, the site was occupied in some form from at least the Conquest onwards, and probably rather before that. Although outside the official town boundary, however, the site is located alongside one of the two routes in from the south. Though perhaps less important in medieval than in Roman times, this ‘Via Devana’ approach to the town d id lead to one of the controlled entry points of the medieval town, the Barnwell gate, putting any inhabitants of "Bradwell's Court" between the traveller and their goal and between the country and the town.

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