Yuriy Bembeev, About My Clan and Parents

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Terbish, Baasanjav 

Yuriy talks about his ancestors, Torghut zaisangs, who lived in Limanskiy rayon of Astrakhan oblast, about his grandparents’ clan and his ancestral land before the Revolution in 1917. Accused of being kulaks, Yuriy’s paternal grandparents were sent to prison. When Yuriy’s parents got married, his mother’s parents did not acknowledge their (impoverished) son-in-law as an owner of an ulus (territory). Yuriy’s father never visited his in-laws since, although he allowed Yuriy to see them. Yuriy says that he was brought up by his father like a proper man, being taught how to work. Yuriy also says that he worked with elderly Kalmyks who taught him traditions and showed him how to behave by their own example.

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