Addendum to: Editorial note to: Erwin Schrödinger, Dirac electron in the gravitational field I

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Gibbons, Gary W. 
Kay, Bernard S. 

An editorial note by one of us in this journal in 2020, argued in favour of the name Schrödinger–Lichnerowicz formula for the formula, gμν∇μ∇ν+m2+R/4, for the ‘square’ of the Dirac operator in curved spacetime since it had been obtained by Schrödinger in 1932 and rediscovered by Lichnerowicz in 1962. However, unfortunately, it overlooked the rediscovery of the formula by Asher Peres in 1963. We briefly recall the context of each of these discoveries and reflect on the naming of mathematical formulae in general and of this formula in particular.

Addendum, Schrödinger, History, Dirac equation, Spin connection, Curved spacetime, Schrödinger–Lichnerowicz formula, Square of Dirac operator, Asher Peres
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