Research data supporting "True to size surface mapping with neutral helium atoms"

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Salvador Palau, Adria 
Hansen, Poul Erik 
Bracco, Gianangelo 
Ellis, John 

Simulated SHeM images and the associated 3D reconstructions and reconstruction errors that are presented in the associated publication. The contents of this data pack are split into:

  1. A series of ray tracing simulation results that are provided in full, base simulation data of all the reconstructions presented in the paper are present. Those used for non-normal incidence with rotation are found with the 3D reconstructions rather than in the ray tracing results folder.
  2. A selection of heliometric reconstructions. All the reconstructions that are directly presented in the paper are included.
  3. Data on overall reconstruction accuracy that is used to produce the plots in the paper.

All data is provided either in plain text or matlab .mat format. The provided .stl and .png files are for convinience, and replicate data stored in the .mat files.

Software / Usage instructions
.mat binary Matlab files are included, opening these will require either a copy of Matlab or a package that can open .mat files in other programming languages, e.g. Some binary stl files are also provided, these may require CAD software or other specialised programs to open.
scanning helium microscopy, neutral atom microscopy, helium atom scattering, photometric stereo, 3D reconstruction
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/R008272/1)