The new Birdwood Building, Peterhouse, Cambridge. An Archaeological Investigation.

Change log
Rees, Emma 

Work initially started at Peterhouse, Cambridge on the 21st of March 2012 with the archaeological monitoring of a pipe trench and soakaway in the vicinity of Gisbourne Court (Area 1). This revealed the existence of a series of layers into which a few pits had been dug, the earliest of which dated to the 16th-17th centuries. This was later followed by an evaluation trench, which was machine excavated between the 25th June and the 4th July 2012 within the area of Fen Court (Area 2). This revealed an archaeological sequence that consisted principally of 18th century dumps of material deposited to raise the ground level. Evidence was also present for the demolition of at least one building during this period. Besides the build-up of made ground at least two periods of pit digging were present, the earliest potentially medieval in date.

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