Inelastic displacement ratios for non-structural components in steel framed structures under forward-directivity near-fault strong-ground motion

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Bravo-Haro, M. A. 
Virreira, J. R. 
Elghazouli, A. Y. 

Abstract: This paper describes a detailed numerical investigation into the inelastic displacement ratios of non-structural components mounted within multi-storey steel framed buildings and subjected to ground motions with forward-directivity features which are typical of near-fault events. The study is carried out using detailed multi-degree-of-freedom models of 54 primary steel buildings with different structural characteristics. In conjunction with this, 80 secondary non-structural elements are modelled as single-degree-of-freedom systems and placed at every floor within the primary framed structures, then subsequently analysed through extensive dynamic analysis. The influence of ground motions with forward-directivity effects on the mean response of the inelastic displacement ratios of non-structural components are compared to the results obtained from a reference set of strong-ground motion records representing far-field events. It is shown that the mean demand under near-fault records can be over twice as large as that due to far-fault counterparts, particularly for non-structural components with periods of vibration lower than the fundamental period of the primary building. Based on the results, a prediction model for estimating the inelastic displacement ratios of non-structural components is calibrated for far-field records and near-fault records with directivity features. The model is valid for a wide range of secondary non-structural periods and primary building fundamental periods, as well as for various levels of inelasticity induced within the secondary non-structural elements.


Funder: University of Cambridge

Original Article, Inelastic displacement ratios, Non-structural components, Steel structures, Near-fault events, Velocity pulses, Forward-directivity effects
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Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering
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Springer Netherlands