Santa Cruz River

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The tidal zone of the Santa Cruz river inlet, and the exploring party.


Drawing; similar to watercolour engraved by Landseer T as `Repairing boat' reproduced facing Narrative 2: 336.

[top right corner] "RF" FitzRoy; "P.336-- Vol 2" [base centre right]

The rocky elevated foreground runs from low in the left-hand corner to a higher point on the right-hand edge of the picture, shadows indicating that the sun is shining from the right. Behind and below the rocky foreground, three small canoe-like boats float close together on calm water. The leftmost and middle boats each contain two seated figures, while the rightmost has five on board, one standing pointing rightwards, the others seated, one attending to the boat's thin mast. To his left the tops of what may be two barrels are visible, and another figure, standing at the water's edge leaning towards the boat. In the midground from the right to the left centre of the picture, a sandy or muddy flat juts out into the water, with an indication of grasses and bushes at intervals along the water's edge; further back, a similar bank projects from the left-hand edge to the centre of the picture. Between these promontories the river zigzags to invisibility in the near distance, in front of the background landscape. From right to left, though not quite to the left-hand edge, low hills rise to two main flat-topped formations with abruptly vertical brows; in the centre and right above and between them there is some indication of cumulus clouds. At the left edge of the picture, other more distant low hills are visible, with a vague indication of cumulus cloud above them. Slightly higher in the sky hangs a thin bank of cumulo-cirrus cloud, stretching rightwards over the main central flat-topped hill.

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