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Assessment for Learning in International Contexts: exploring shared and divergent dimensions in teacher values and practices

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Shaw, S 
Johnson, M 


jats:pThe Assessment for Learning in International Contexts (ALIC) project sought to extend knowledge around teachers’ understandings of Assessment for Learning (AfL). Using a modified version of a survey item devised by James and Pedder for use with teachers in England, evidence was gathered about the assessment practices that were highly valued by teachers across international contexts. The extent of congruence between these values and teachers’ reported classroom practices was explored and dimensions of teachers’ assessment practices were derived through factor analysis. While there was considerable congruence across the ALIC cohort of teachers and data sets derived from English teachers, particularly with respect to the items that have positive values–practice gaps, there were some interesting differences. Two components were derived from factor analysis, rather than the three derived by James and Pedder. These components were ‘Making learning explicit and promoting learner autonomy’ and ‘Student control of assessment processes’.</jats:p>



Assessment for Learning, formative assessment, international comparisons, learning how to learn, survey

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Curriculum Journal

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