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An expert Delphi consensus for the characteristics of an ideal clozapine-specific side effect scale

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Bernardo, M 


This study employed the Delphi method to identify the ideal characteristics of a clozapine adverse drug reaction (ADR) scale, engaging 34 clozapine specialists at the 6th NEMEA meeting. Participants emphasized the integration of clinician-rated (CROM) and patient-rated (PROM) outcomes in the scale, aiming for a balance between comprehensiveness and practicality. Key consensus points included the inclusion of specific ADRs like somnolence, sialorrhea, and compulsivity, while metabolic complications were considered less relevant. This research highlights the need for a practical, patient-inclusive tool for monitoring clozapine ADRs, reflective of both clinical expertise and patient experiences in managing treatment-resistant schizophrenia.



5202 Biological Psychology, 3214 Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 32 Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, 52 Psychology, Clinical Research, Mental Health, Brain Disorders, Mental Illness, Schizophrenia, Patient Safety

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European Journal of Psychiatry

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