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Excavations at Aldborough (Isurium Brigantum) 2019: Interim Report

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An interim report from the 2019 season of excavations at Aldborough Roman Town, North Yorkshire. Excavation was carried out between the 27th April – 1st June 2019 as part of the Aldborough Roman Town Project (University of Cambridge). A trench covering an area of 78m² was excavated by hand, in order to re-investigate a 1924 trench and the clarify the nature of the structures around it. The aim was to use the 1924 trench to examine the earliest contexts, whilst undisturbed areas could be dug to learn more about the latest phases of the town. The results of the magnetometry survey in this area were partly obscured by ridge and furrow, therefore the excavation would allow us to better understand the character of this part of the town, leading on from the 2018 work on the warehouses to the east. Finally, the location of the trench was designed to include part of the northern-most east–west street of the grid, providing an opportunity to date the construction of the street grid.



Aldborough Roman Town Project, Roman Britain, Roman Yorkshire, Excavation, Archaeology, Geophysical Survey, Roman Town

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