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Chinese teachers’ views on implementing problem-based learning in the Chinese mathematics classroom

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Zhang, Ying 


Problem-based learning (PBL) is an important form of student-centred pedagogy that departs from the conventional form of teacher-centred pedagogy often reported in Chinese classrooms, and so there is a need to understand how Chinese teachers perceive PBL. This study used a case study methodology and in-depth focus group discussions with 6 teachers from three Chinese secondary schools to investigate Chinese teachers’ views on the implementation of PBL in Chinese mathematics classrooms. The findings indicated that PBL was relatively accepted by the participants, who believed that PBL could improve students’ problem-solving skills and interest in mathematics. However, participants considered that exclusively using PBL would not be ideal, and they advocated combining PBL with conventional teaching (CT) for the best learning outcomes. Implications for research and practice are discussed in light of these findings.



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Proceedings of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics

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The British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics

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