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Human machine dialogues

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Tseng, B-H 


This dataset contains dialogues between a dialogue system and Amazon Mechanical Turk Users collected between 2011 and 2018. Each dialogue contains the output of automatic speech recogniser, respective system input and the user feedback.


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Every directory is one experiment. In each experiment directory there are a number of directories with names of the following format: voip-USERID-STARTTIME_ENDTIME Each of these directories represent one dialogue. In each dialogue directory session.xml - dialogue log session.cfg - system configuration file feedback.xml - user feedback database.txt - ontology file rules.txt - ontology file In session.xml <systurn> - system turn <userturn> - user turn <asrhyp> - asr hypothesis with confidence score <dact> - system dialogue act <semihyp> - semantic user hypothesis In feedback.xml goal: describes the user goal task: goal in natural language question: contains the feedback database.txt - contains dialogue entities that the dialogue system can talk about rules.txt - describes all concepts that the dialogue system can talk about


human computer dialogues