Research data supporting 'Randomised control trial of the effects of home-based online attention training and working memory training on cognition and everyday function in a community stroke sample'

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Data collected from a randomised control trial in a community stroke sample, designed to examine the efficacy of 1 month of daily training using either a novel attention training battery or novel working memory training battery compared to waitlist controls. The study was funded by the stroke association (grant number TSA 2013/06) and was preregistered as a clinical trial (ISRCTN59754564). Measures of cognition (attention, working memory, fluid and crystallised intelligence, and other neuropsych measures), and disability (EQ-5D-5L) and everyday functioning (EBIQ) were taken pre, post and three months after training or waitlist.

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Data are all in Excel format or SPSS data files and outputs
stroke, rehabilitation, attention, cogntive training, everyday functioning
MRC (unknown)
Stroke Association (TSA 2013/06)