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Changes in Higher Education Policies: A Case Study of Projects in China



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LI, Wenwen 


Many measures have been taken to promote the development of higher education by the Chinese government since 1978. This study examined the projects launched by the Chinese government to improve the quality of higher education and elevate the status of targeted institutions to world-class universities. The policies reviewed include Project 211, Project 985, and the Double First-rate University Plan. By examining the implementation of these projects, this study aimed to understand if the policy goals sought by the government were achieved. The conceptual framework used to analyze the projects included Lowi’s theory of distribution and McDonnell and Elmore’s typology of policy instruments. This study found that the projects demonstrated characteristics unique to China and that they focused on efficiency, quality, and equality.



Double First-Class plan, Policy implementation, Project 211, Project 985

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Cambridge Journal of China Studies

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Cambridge Journal of China Studies

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