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Exploring the current landscape of single-cell RNA sequencing applications in gastric cancer research.

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Awuah, Wireko Andrew 
Tan, Joecelyn Kirani  ORCID logo
Adebusoye, Favour Tope 


Gastric cancer (GC) represents a major global health burden and is responsible for a significant number of cancer-related fatalities. Its complex nature, characterized by heterogeneity and aggressive behaviour, poses considerable challenges for effective diagnosis and treatment. Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) has emerged as an important technique, offering unprecedented precision and depth in gene expression profiling at the cellular level. By facilitating the identification of distinct cell populations, rare cells and dynamic transcriptional changes within GC, scRNA-seq has yielded valuable insights into tumour progression and potential therapeutic targets. Moreover, this technology has significantly improved our comprehension of the tumour microenvironment (TME) and its intricate interplay with immune cells, thereby opening avenues for targeted therapeutic strategies. Nonetheless, certain obstacles, including tumour heterogeneity and technical limitations, persist in the field. Current endeavours are dedicated to refining protocols and computational tools to surmount these challenges. In this narrative review, we explore the significance of scRNA-seq in GC, emphasizing its advantages, challenges and potential applications in unravelling tumour heterogeneity and identifying promising therapeutic targets. Additionally, we discuss recent developments, ongoing efforts to overcome these challenges, and future prospects. Although further enhancements are required, scRNA-seq has already provided valuable insights into GC and holds promise for advancing biomedical research and clinical practice.


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gastric cancer, gene expression profiling, medical oncology, molecular medicine, scRNA-seq, single-cell RNA sequencing, therapeutic targets, tumour heterogeneity, tumour microenvironment, Humans, Stomach Neoplasms, Biomedical Research, Gene Expression Profiling, Sequence Analysis, RNA, Tumor Microenvironment

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J Cell Mol Med

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