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NMR Data files "Eudicot primary cell wall glucomannan is related in synthesis, structure, and function to xyloglucan"

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Yu, Li 
Cresswell, Rosalie 
Wightman, Raymond 
Lyczakowski, Jan J 


Zip files contain unprocessed data of solid-state NMR on Arabidopsis wild-type callus and mutant calli, irx9l xxt1 xxt2, csla2 xxt1 xxt2, which were described in the paper published in The Plant Cell. Each zip file contains a different experiment. Microsoft Word file describes the keys for each experiment. Zip file no. 10, 30, and 1000 contain the data of 2D CP-INADEQUATE of irx9l xxt1 xxt2, wild-type, and csla2 xxt1 xxt2, which detect immobile components in the samples. Zip file no. 20 contains 2D DP-INADEQUATE of irx9l xxt1 xxt2, which detects mobile components in the sample. See the main manuscript for more details on sample collection, data acquisition, and interpretation of the data.


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Glucomannan, Plant cell wall, solid state NMR