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Silver medal. Obverse: Bust of Charles II. Along with another medal (36 RT-LD), it is said to have been presented by the King to Sir Samuel Morland, when he made him his Master of Mechanics. The inscription on the reverse of the medal reads: "SAMVEL . MORLANDVS . EQVES . AVRATVS . ET BARONET : MAGISTER . MECHANICORVM . IN REBVS . ADVERSIS . SVMMO . VITAE . PERICVLO . IN . PROSPERIS . FELICI . INGENIO . FREQVENS . ADFVIT." (Samuel Morland, Knight and Baronet, Master of Mechanics. In adversity at the utmost peril of his life, in prosperity by his happy ingenuity, he was frequently of service).


Ingenuity: Ingenium, Ingenuity: Genius, Medal, Portrait, Scientist, King

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