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A mycotic aneurysm related to Salmonella Rissen infection: a case report.

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Sharrocks, Katherine E 
Wong, Vanessa K 
Carmichael, Andrew J 


BACKGROUND: Salmonella species commonly causes infection in humans and on occasion leads to serious complications, such as mycotic aneurysms. Here, we present the first case reported of a patient with a mycotic aneurysm likely secondary to Salmonella Rissen infection. CASE PRESENTATION: The patient presented with 4 weeks of lower back pain, chills and a single episode of diarrhoea 2 months prior during a 14-day trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed an aneurysmal left internal iliac artery with adjacent left iliacus rim-enhancing collection. A stool culture was positive for Salmonella Rissen ST 469 EBG 66 on whole genome sequencing. The patient underwent an emergency bifurcated graft of his internal iliac aneurysm and was successfully treated with appropriate antibiotics. CONCLUSIONS: This case highlights the importance of considering the diagnosis of a mycotic aneurysm in an unusual presentation of back pain with features of infection.



Endovascular infection, Mycotic aneurysm, Salmonella Rissen, Aged, Aneurysm, Infected, Anti-Bacterial Agents, Humans, Iliac Aneurysm, Iliac Artery, Male, Salmonella, Salmonella Infections

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BMC Infect Dis

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