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Sarr, Nathan 


The University of Rochester is currently engaged in several projects which it feels will add great value to the DSpace project and its community. These projects include Researcher Pages, Statistics Display and the Checksum tool, which is being jointly developed by Cambridge, MIT, and the University of Rochester.

Each DSpace enhancement was developed out of research with users with specific objectives in mind. Researcher Pages were created to expand faculty interest, enhance their experience, and showcase their research in our DSpace system with the added result of increasing the size of our digital archive. Statistics Display was added to provide real-time, up-to-date information about DSpace usage as well as help evaluate the value it is providing to an institution and its community. The Checksum tool was developed to allow, at least at some level, assurance that we would be able to uphold our promise of digital preservation over time.

These enhancements are considered an invaluable part of our DSpace installation and each supports the others. The Researcher Pages garner support and interest from faculty, while the Statistics Display proves to our researchers and community the value of archiving their information. The checksum tool provides the necessary sense of security that any digital corruption or problems can be isolated and resolved before it is too late and data is lost forever. These enhancements put together provide a very compelling reason to use DSpace by the Community on a regular basis not just for data access but also for personal preservation and promotion.

This presentation will include a demonstration of each DSpace enhancement with a discussion of the goals, technical decisions, and trade offs resulting from the choices made. We will also briefly review the user research that led to the development of these tools. Following this we would like to talk about the future of DSpace and development goals at the University of Rochester.



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