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Data supporting "Femtosecond Transient Absorption Microscopy of Singlet Exciton Motion in Side-Chain Engineered Perylene-Diimide Thin Films"

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The dataset contains all data in the main text of the paper and is laid out in a folder structure:

  • Figure 2: absorption spectra and XRD patterns for measured PDI films

  • Figure 3: Transient absorption microscopy data organised according to PDI sample. File name mentions the relevant step size and panel. kinetics refers to panel a of main text figure 3, sigma denotes time-dependent standard deviation, GaussMSD is the mean-square displacement curve

  • Figure 4: relevant data to generate Box-plots for statistical evaluation. PDI1-4_lifetimes contains the retrieved fast lifetime components from the transient dynamics. PDIX_linear_diffusion_values collect the diffusion constants for the different time regimes for a given PDI sample


Software / Usage instructions

The data is provided in a standard .zip file format and all data files withing can be accessed with standard text editors


Transient absorption microscopy