Dataset "The experiences of those who support researchers struggling with their mental health"

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Loissel, Elsa 
Tsang, Emmy 
Müller, Sandrine Ruth  ORCID logo
Deathridge, Julia 
Pérez Valle, Helena 

This dataset was obtained through a research project set up as a collaboration between the open life sciences journal eLife, and Dr Lucy Cheke at the University of Cambridge. It consists of a survey capturing the experiences of individuals in the academic environment who provide support to researchers struggling with their mental health.

The survey was created in collaboration with and reviewed by academics and university officials before being released. It received ethical approval from the University of Cambridge Psychology department (2018-19/35), and was created on the Survey Monkey platform. It was open between the 23rd October 2019 and 05th January 2020, but only actively advertised until early December 2019.

Recruitment took place through eLife’s social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn); eLife’s newsletters to authors and early career community (voluntary subscriptions); directly emailing corresponding authors who have published with eLife; and by contacting groups of interest and institutions that may be willing to share the survey amongst their networks (e.g. New PI Slack, Mid Career PI Slack, Women in Academia Support Network, SMaRteN, Graduate and Postdoc unions in the US and the UK). Certain tweets advertising the survey were boosted (paid promotion) to reach an academic audience, in particular early career researchers.

The survey did not require identifiable information from the respondents, such as email addresses, institutions etc. However, it comprised a number of open questions where respondents could share their thoughts and experiences. As the data are to be released openly, individuals who did not consent to their open answers being made public have had their open answers removed from the public dataset. In addition, answers to open questions that could have allowed individuals or institutions to be identified were redacted.

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Microsoft Word & Excel
Mental Health, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Academia, Survey