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Measurement of the CKM angle γ using the B ± → D * h ± channels

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Aaij, R. 
Abdelmotteleb, A. S. W. 
Abellan Beteta, C. 
Abudinén, F. 
Ackernley, T. 


A measurement of the CP-violating observables from B± → DK± and B± → Dπ± decays is presented, where D*(D) is an admixture of D0 and D¯∗0 (D0 and D¯0) states and is reconstructed through the decay chains D→ Dπ0/γ and D→KS0π+π−/KS0K+K−. The measurement is performed by analysing the signal yield variation across the D decay phase space and is independent of any amplitude model. The data sample used was collected by the LHCb experiment in proton-proton collisions and corresponds to a total integrated luminosity of 9 fb−1 at centre-of-mass energies of 7, 8 and 13 TeV. The CKM angle γ is determined to be 69−14+13∘ using the measured CP-violating observables. The hadronic parameters rBD∗K±, rBD∗π±, δBD∗K±, δBD∗π±, which are the ratios and strong phase differences between favoured and suppressed B± decays, are also reported.



Hadron-Hadron Scattering, CKM Angle Gamma, B Physics, CP Violation

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Journal of High Energy Physics

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg