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Research data supporting the DAiSIeS study (Diet, Activity and Screening after gestational diabetes: an Interview Study)

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Dennison, Rebecca 
Usher-Smith, Juliet  ORCID logo


This entry relates to data collected as part of the DAiSIeS study to inform strategies to improve care for mothers after a pregnancy affected by gestational diabetes in relation to risk of type 2 diabetes after delivery.

The dataset is the pseudo-anonymised transcripts from the qualitative interviews as part of the study. Consent was given by participants to share anonymised data with other responsible researchers. As consent was not given to share publicly it is not possible to add the data to the repository. Instead, the data are stored within the Primary Care Unit and researchers can request access by contacting Dr Rebecca Dennison ( or Applicants will be required to complete a Data Access Agreement that will indicate the criteria for data access and conditions for research use and will incorporate privacy and confidentiality standards to ensure data security.

The schedule used for the qualitative interviews as part of the study is attached with this record.


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Gestational diabetes, Prevention, Primary care, Type 2 diabetes